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Building a Solid Financial Game Plan One Main Street Family at a Time


for Right Now

Em and Corey Alfonso

for the Future

The American Dream

That’s the goal for every individual and families in the country. But how do you really achieve that goal when you are stuck in a cycle of living paycheck to paycheck?

Creating a personalized financial game plan and implementing it will break that cycle. With that in place, you worry less about money, and you focus more on living the American dream you always dreamed of.

How to create a personalized financial game plan:

Let me learn about you and what you want to accomplish in life

  • A Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) is complimentary, customized, and confidential
  • We create a “snapshot” of your current financial situation and help you make better choices about your money and your future
  • The FNA will also provide you with your personalized Financial Independence Number
  • We guide you in every step and help make it happen
  • Quarterly and annual review
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Find Out Where You Need to Start

Identify your top three goals below and let us know when you schedule a consultation.


Learn about the 50/30/20 Rule to effectively allocate your expenses into three categories

Savings & Retirement

Emergency Account, Short-Term Account, and Wealth-Building Account

Education Savings Plan

Learn about our College Savings Plans available through our Mutual Fund Partners


Life, Auto, Home, Business, Commercial, and Liability

Senior Healthcare

Learn about our program with easyMedicare through e-TeleQuote


Learn about our competitive mortgage products in partnership with nation’s #1 mortgage lender, Rocket Mortgage

Our Specialties

While many financial professionals aren’t interested in working with the middle class, we are committed to helping Main Street families save and invest for their future.

Through our HOW MONEY WORKS materials, we teach families how they can achieve a better financial future- no matter what their economic background is- no client is too big or too small

Insure your most valuable asset—your income, until you build financial independence

Join our team! Have the flexibility to earn additional part-time income while building a part-time business as a Plan B or bridge to a full-time business; Receive an education on personal finance and help others achieve financial independence